What's a good design pattern for quality rating where lowest=3, highest=5?

1 year ago from , UI & Tech Lead @ Solid UX Solutions


Travel industry.

Need to communicate hotel/service class (never lower than 3) per planned holiday trip.

  • Level Basic: 3 or 4 star hotels
  • Level Comfort: 4 star hotels
  • Level Luxus: 4 or 5 star hotels

Options so far:

  1. Use 3 to 5 stars/symbols

Problem: Takes a lot of space. Three stars are not really representing Level 1.

  1. Use 1 to 3 stars/symbols

Problem: Since people are used to counting stars near hotel names, seeing 1 or 2 stars/symbols gives automatic connection to low-class hotels

Any other options out there?

Any help/feedback will be much loved!!