Ask DN: Could you please critique my website design?

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Hi I'm trying to design a perfume web site as a hobby, and I'm not a designer; So, now I'm stuck and I need some help to move forward. Here are 2 designs that I've created so far, but I'm not satisfied with any of them:

First One

Second One

For each perfume, 4 aspects will be determined through user votes:

  • is it more suitable for day or night
  • which season is it more suitable for
  • how much longevity does it have
  • how much sillage does it have

How can I improve these designs? Thanks!


  • Marcel van Werkhoven, 1 year ago

    I would start with creating a style guide. How should each element look and then put them together. There are too many styles clashing here.

    Perhaps it would be easier to start using an existing style as you mention you're not a designer. Something like Material Design from Google.

    Finally, create more designs. Practice makes perfect!

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