Would you pay for inspiration delivered?

10 months ago from , Just messing around

I've been wondering for sometime about this.

Sometimes I find myself surfing for HOURS looking for inspiration. I decided to write a bot for collecting those for me. Now, every day I receive a bundle which -in 15 min- inspect and discard what doesn't click me.

So, Im wondering: DESIGNERS (and DEVigners) of the world: Is it something you would pay for? If so, how much?


  • Jonny BeltonJonny Belton, 10 months ago


    Looking for inspiration is personal, and relative to the project. Only the designer can identify what they're looking for. Any auto delivery thing will be pretty generic imo.

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    • , 9 months ago

      I see. Thanks a lot for taking the time Jonny. I appreciate A LOT your feedback :) Best regards from sunny Costa Rica :D

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