Would you pay for inspiration delivered?

7 months ago from , Just messing around

I've been wondering for sometime about this.

Sometimes I find myself surfing for HOURS looking for inspiration. I decided to write a bot for collecting those for me. Now, every day I receive a bundle which -in 15 min- inspect and discard what doesn't click me.

So, Im wondering: DESIGNERS (and DEVigners) of the world: Is it something you would pay for? If so, how much?


  • Jonny BeltonJonny Belton, 7 months ago


    Looking for inspiration is personal, and relative to the project. Only the designer can identify what they're looking for. Any auto delivery thing will be pretty generic imo.

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    • , 7 months ago

      I see. Thanks a lot for taking the time Jonny. I appreciate A LOT your feedback :) Best regards from sunny Costa Rica :D

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