Gathering client feedback App?

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Hi DN,

We've been using InVision for some time now, and for us it's great. We generally use it for gathering feedback from the team internally and also gathering client feedback. Whereby we present the client with an InVision share link where they go through and give direct feedback on the design.

The feedback process when sending to clients doesn't really work for us anymore. The "Create a free InVision account" popup that's covering prototype isn't a hurdle we want our clients presented with when showcasing our work to them.

So, my question is – does anybody have an alternative that offers a good presentation for screens (similar to InVision), a commenting/feedback feature? I'm currently looking into Marvel and would like to know if anybody else knows of any more tools that offer similar features to IV.

Thanks, Dan.


  • Carlos AndujarCarlos Andujar, 5 years ago

    you could check out Wake https://wake.com/

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    • Dan Wilkinson, 5 years ago

      Requires a pro account to invite clients for feedback it seems. I'll double check this is the case, but thanks for the suggestion.

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  • Ignacio CorreiaIgnacio Correia, 5 years ago

    Are you looking for a paid version? How big is your team? Number of active projects?

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    • Dan Wilkinson, 5 years ago

      Well we're paying for IV at the moment so would be happy to swtich to the right tool. There is only 1-2 team members using it but we'd like to present prototypes the way IV does and have clients leave feedback directly.

      Usually no more than 5 active projects.

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  • Jared CJared C, 5 years ago

    redpen.io is one, but it isn't free.

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    • Cole TownsendCole Townsend, 5 years ago

      would have recommended this when it was supported 3 years ago, but dev has stopped and the creators are unresponsive. Currently in a fraud dispute with RedPen right now.

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