• Joshua KaufmanJoshua Kaufman, over 2 years ago

    Great advice. Thanks, Albert!

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  • Andrew Richardson, over 2 years ago

    UX is something sounds fantastic and desirable, but the reality is most of them can’t tell apart the great and the mediocre between designers, design processes, and design decisions.

    This was a harsh reality when I first started working. Out of school I expected co workers to heap praises when I improved their "bad" design but got pushback for a long time till I learned how to establish trust with the people I was working with.

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    • , over 2 years ago

      @Andrew thanks so much for sharing your experience! I total knows the feeling of "hey, can't you f-ing tell this new design is a 500% improvement from the current?" then your colleague just you that "unimpressed" look. =P Would you mind saying more about how you establish trust with people you work with?

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