Best designed apps of 2017?

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Hey Designer News! My first post on here and just curious to hear what your favorite mobile app designs (iOS and Android) were for 2017. Looking to get inspired!


  • Ryan MiglavsRyan Miglavs, over 3 years ago

    I don’t know if these apps got redesigns in 2017, but these are the apps I’ve been studying for inspiration, with my brief reflections:

    • Apple News: An all-time favorite app design. Lovely and legible type, a UI that gently adjusts based on your interests, and a remarkable balance of many brands into a harmonious, unified experience. Tons to learn here, and not just from the visual aspects.
    • Halide: Makes the complexity of powerful photography be simple to understand and use. Good UI makes the complex doable. Also good reference for custom UI on iPhone X.
    • Doo: Smart data structure well-presented. Visual and interaction treatments might be a bit too clever, but at least it makes for a distinctive experience.
    • Airtable: (Desktop): Makes building relational databases approachable and fast. How awesome is that? Mobile (incl. iPad) versions are, sadly, severely limited.
    • The Guardian: (iPhone): Clear information hierarchy, customizable layout, and great content. Sadly the iPad version is far worse than the website, by generally wasting a ton of space.
    • Outlook for iOS: Good interactions, and that ‘Focused’ inbox tab actually works!

    Love to hear others’ favorites!

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  • Weston VierreggerWeston Vierregger, over 3 years ago



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  • Jared KrauseJared Krause, over 3 years ago

    Few that come to mind

    • Postmates
    • HQ Triva
    • Coinbase
    • Uber
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  • Tim Kjær LangeTim Kjær Lange, over 3 years ago

    Supertop's Castro.

    Their blog is also topnotch, goes into the design details.

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