ProtoPie Review

3 years ago from , UI/UX Designer

I've been using Invision and Flinto for prototyping and just recently discovered ProtoPie. Have you used it? Can you share your experience?

The features look really good!


  • Nikhil Vimal, 3 years ago

    Just tried it and I can say it's pretty good compared to a few other tools I've used for interactions and "flow" based design. Big fan of the simplicity and the cross-platform ease-of-use as well. I felt it convinced me just a little more than Flinto. I need to probably spend more time, but so far, so good.

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  • Marcel M., 3 years ago

    It has a free trial. Just give it a try the exact moment you would hop into Flinto or Invision and use Protopie instead (for your next project) :)

    I would consider Invision a wireflow tool (wire screens together for high fidelity click dummies). Protopie is more about microinteractions/animations

    -> "i click this button, how exactly does this screen transition into the next state"

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    • Sean R, almost 3 years ago

      Can you use it for any device like webpage, tablet or is it mobile prototype only?

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      • Marcel M., almost 3 years ago

        It also supports tablet/desktop resolution for projects. I used it to prototype some slider animation in full hd. Worked like a charm.

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        • Sean R, almost 3 years ago

          Thanks. I’m going through a lot of programs trying to see which works best. I like craft to Invision for click throughs but the hot spots sometimes aren’t where they should.

          I’m leaning to Marvel for click through. Protopie for interactions.

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  • leah Han, almost 3 years ago

    Now, it supports Adobe XD import! Check it here. www.protopie.io/with/adobe-xd-cc

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  • Dragoș Jurca, 3 years ago

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