• Sacha GreifSacha Greif, almost 4 years ago

    The one project where getting the .com wasn't that hard ;)

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  • Giles Perry, almost 4 years ago

    Nice! Be cool to have the videos for doing all these things in Pixelmator Pro or Affinity Photo. That way I don't need to fork out for Photoshop as I hardly ever use it.

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    • Pablo Stanley, almost 4 years ago

      I'm gonna check them out and come back! Thank you for the suggestion :)

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    • Tony GinesTony Gines, almost 4 years ago

      Agreed. I would argue that a lot of UI designers have ditched their Adobe subscriptions in lieu of something that's a one-time purchase like Affinity. I am one of those people.

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  • Joe Baker, almost 4 years ago

    Pablo, you're a machine!

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  • Mo BaghdadiMo Baghdadi, almost 4 years ago

    Nice idea, originally I started designing UI in photoshop, so its second nature to me but never thought of this market gap for people who started with Sketch first. Maybe I'm just getting old.

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  • Judah GuttmannJudah Guttmann, almost 4 years ago

    Wow, this really shows how far the industry has come. I was totally one of these designers, started with Sketch and had to learn Photoshop. Pablo you're a saint! Thanks for this series, will definitely be going through these!

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  • Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, over 3 years ago

    What a great idea. Will definitely be checking out these videos to renew my rusty PS skills.

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  • Alex IonescuAlex Ionescu, almost 4 years ago

    Saved for closer look later. Nice find!

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  • Vipul. MishraVipul. Mishra, almost 4 years ago

    Quite a collection you have got there Pablo. I believe it's gonna help many other designers out there. Really appreciate your efforts in this. Keep going.

    Personally, I'm inclined towards Sketch/Figma not because I don't how to get my way around it but speed and compatibility Sketch offers.

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  • Account deleted almost 4 years ago

    It take a quite time to comprehend the title but that's just because I still can't believe there could be designers who doesn't know how to use photoshop.

    I was thought when I was a student that Photoshop and AI(or freehand, fireworks) was the one and the only tool for digital design.

    And when I stopped giving s.ht about the softwares, I became a decent designer lol

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