• , almost 4 years ago

    Hey everyone, if you’ve been trying Launchpad for Sketch and thought about purchasing a paid plan, then the best time would be before the end of the year.

    In January 2018 we are ending our introductory prices and begin our official pricing.

    We have 2 routes for our paid plans:

    1. Premium websites - Publish websites directly from Sketch & host it with us.
    2. Pro plan - Export the full website code and host it wherever you want.
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    • Clark WimberlyClark Wimberly, almost 4 years ago

      If we sign up at a discount, will that price stick around for us in the new year?

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      • Or Arbel, almost 4 years ago

        Yes. If you sign up before the increase you get the price locked in for life.

        Coupons are effective for the period they state as well.

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