• Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, 10 months ago

    great. Another ad.

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    • Vipul. Mishra, 10 months ago

      Really? Did you wait through entire deal season to comment this?

      DN members have been very helpful in building this so I genuinely wanted to share this with them and the offer, of course!

      Btw, Which did not like? The main post or the comment?

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  • Vipul. Mishra, 10 months ago

    If you have ever built web projects as freelancer or design agencies, you know the pain of iterating over customer feedback and fixing design issues on live websites.

    Not to mention, keeping track of issues in excel sheets and lonnnng email threads on the issues.

    Visual Inspector is Chrome extension to make changes to live web page, add comments and invite stakeholders to review it - all without leaving your websites.

    Here's how Visual Inspector makes feedback collaboration a breeze for you:

    1. Make change in a live web page just like a document - fixing design bugs or try new styles.
    2. Add comments to annotate changes
    3. Invite stakeholders to discuss and finalize change super quick.

    Trusted by 32,000 designers around the world to review and pixel-perfect over 1.6 Million web pages so far..Thanks for the all the love <3

    Inspecting and making change to design properties is always free but collaboration is available at $5 per month per user (much cheaper alternative to usePastel, Trackduck etc.)

    But it gets even better - here's an opportunity for you to grab lifetime of awesome at just $49. This includes all future updates.. :) Sounds awesome, isn't it!!

    But hurry up, deals valid upto 1st Jan or first 5,000 users ( 38,00 copies sold already.)

    (DN community gave a warm welcome to last version of Visual Inspector, hope to see same love to collaborate as well.)

    Hope to see you at our journey to build an awesome web with lesser design bugs.

    Have a thought? Feel free to add to the comment.

    Cheers, VM

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