• Olivier FOlivier F, 7 months ago

    I really like the design.

    It bothers me that if you turn JS off all the content vanishes.

    The whole thing is rendered with React. Why? Because you can click on an image and it flips over to reveal a little extra text? You can probably do that in pure CSS.

    I'm not anti-JS, not anti-React, but I am anti-misuse of tech.

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    • Javier RiveroJavier Rivero, 7 months ago

      This is why we can't have nice things. 99% of the users won't care/notice.

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      • Olivier FOlivier F, 7 months ago

        I wouldn't be so sure about that 99% figure. Many poor people access the net solely through their phone, often a very low power device with a limited bandwidth allowance. These people might care.

        I haven't tested the site for accessibility but I suspect it's not being helped by the choice of implementation. If that's true then all the sight-impaired people might care.

        And then there is future-proofing: an article like this should be readable for decades to come. But what happens if someone at Time accidentally zaps that version of React from the CDN? Blank pages for the rest of time?

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  • Davin M., 8 months ago

    A good font pairing from Google Fonts is there, Oswald and Lora.

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  • Andrew ChernauskasAndrew Chernauskas, 7 months ago

    Nice article display. Clean with a good variety and a little bit of style. Only downside is that I had no idea there was a bunch of related articles hidden under the hamburger menu icon.

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  • s0fa potato, 7 months ago

    This is really beautifully designed, especially with the powerful cover image at the very top. I also agree this doesn't need React, css would have been sufficient. Plus, I completely missed the "More +" action on each image. And the text that is revealed is a bit hard to read for me, the weight and spacing feels forced. I also didn't know the hamburger icon would bring up the runner-up list. "Short List" only appears if you scroll, which seems unnecessary to me. I'm glad Susan Fowler is in here!

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  • Shammer DiazShammer Diaz, 7 months ago

    The photography is impeccable.

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