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  • Emanuel SerbanoiuEmanuel Serbanoiu, 12 months ago

    Who here can offer themselves as a tribute to test this version and tell us if it's "safe to update"?

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    • Roland IllésRoland Illés, 12 months ago

      May the odds be evah in your favor.

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    • M DeFazio, 12 months ago

      If you're a Sketch Runner user...I would wait. It's not supported yet. I'd suspect it won't be long though.

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    • Gareth LewisGareth Lewis, 12 months ago

      I've just updated, and now it crashes whenever I try and do anything with a Symbol. It's too late for me - I have designs to finalise by Friday. Don't risk it!

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      • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, 11 months ago

        This happened to me too. Whenever I open the library, boom. it crashes. You can download and install version 47 again from their page: https://www.sketchapp.com/updates/

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        • Gareth LewisGareth Lewis, 11 months ago

          Thanks Pablo! I will probably have to downgrade to 47 to fix this.

          I got the following response from Bohemian Coding. It wasn't a problem in 47, and may not be a common problem, but if like me, you don't want thick lines on your Grid you are out of luck! Annoyingly, I cannot get into the Grid Settings to change it without it also crashing! I don't know how this bug made it into 48.

          P.S. I love your YouTube Channel btw! :-)


          Thanks for your report.

          We’ve identified an issue in v48 where the app crashes when there is a grid set with 0 in the "thick lines every X blocks" text field.

          Our team is working on it and a new version of Sketch fixing this will be released soon.

          Our apologies for the inconvenience this issue may have caused.

          Let me know if you need further assistance.


          — María Fernández

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    • Jonas S, 12 months ago

      Just updated. Nothing fishy to report yet.

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    • Dakoda Reid, 12 months ago

      So far so good

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    • Luis La TorreLuis La Torre, 11 months ago

      If I sacrifice myself how much karma do you think I will get?

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    • Adam Nelson, 11 months ago

      I clicked 'update' on autopilot before I realized what I'd done.

      Dodged a bullet so far, though

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    • Darren Krape, 11 months ago

      Works fine for me, though I'm not a heavy plug-in user.

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    • Johan Horn, 12 months ago

      One annoying thing started happening. Sketch crashes if you have multiple files open and you close one of the tabs.

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    • Nick FieldsmanNick Fieldsman, 11 months ago

      Yeah. Having the same problem. Sketch is turning into the update minefield that Photoshop is.

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  • Sean LesterSean Lester, 11 months ago

    Color find & replace is not an adequate solution to the problem of needing hacks to manage a color palette within a design system.

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    • Andrew Hainen, 11 months ago

      THIS. omfg, why was this their solution?

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      • Sean LesterSean Lester, 11 months ago

        Maybe it isn't a solution for people who are trying to get the most out of sketch and who need a design system for a large organization — but instead more for freelancers and other types of users who just need to manage colors within a single document or something.

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    • Dean HaydenDean Hayden, 11 months ago

      Holy. Mother. Of. God. (sort of grateful for this but still…)

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    • Ryan Slama, 11 months ago

      I'd assume Find & Replace was really easy to implement, so they knocked that out quickly. I'm hoping a larger overhaul is in the pipeline.

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    • Jan SemlerJan Semler, 11 months ago

      Totally. I think every designer had feedbacked this topic. They would have 2 years of time to find a good solution. Search and replace? This hack was a plugin back in the days...

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  • alex p, 12 months ago

    Now that Figma is here and many people are switching, Sketch is improving faster! Good for us :D

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  • Raphael LoderRaphael Loder, 12 months ago

    The big ones:

    • Color Management · Sketch adds support for working in, and exporting documents in sRGB and P3 color spaces.
    • A shadow’s spread can be set to a negative value to decrease the size of the object casting the shadow
    • Imported Symbols now remain linked to their Library when copied and pasted between documents
    • Find and Replace · You can now find a color you’re using, so it can be replaced throughout your document.
    • Symbol Scaling · Symbol instances can now be scaled using the Scale command, independently from the Symbol master.
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    • Steven CavinsSteven Cavins, 12 months ago

      Improved selection of shapes with thin borders and no fill

      This one is particularly exciting to me. Adding a fill just to be able to move it around seemed pretty hacky.

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    • Richard Quay, 12 months ago

      This is a huge one too: "Imported Symbols now remain linked to their Library when copied and pasted between documents"

      Not sure about you but not able to copy and paste between files has been a hard thing to train myself.

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      • Raphael LoderRaphael Loder, 12 months ago

        See third bullet point ;)

        It was painful for me too, especially on the projects I'm working on right now. A lot of copy and pasting in between projects. Took me a while to figure out they didn't stay linked to the library as well.

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  • Michael SiglerMichael Sigler, 11 months ago

    Imported Symbols now remain linked to their Library when copied and pasted between documents

    Is this actually working for anyone. I still get a duplicate symbol. Quite frustrating.

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  • Matt KMatt K, 11 months ago

    Better colour management is great.

    But I'm still waiting for a web design tool to support all the things CSS can do. Like floats and text wrapping. Or varying border withs and colours.

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  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, 12 months ago

    Do they really have to keep pushing broken updates every month? Couldn't they release them once every 6 months or every year and have a less broken version?

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  • George Brown, 12 months ago

    It was running horrible on 47. I updated it and still runs the same. So go update lol

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  • Steven CavinsSteven Cavins, 12 months ago

    Can someone explain Library previews can now be added by creating an Artboard titled “Library Preview” in the Library document ?

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  • Marco RodriguesMarco Rodrigues, 11 months ago

    I Updated to 48 and have since reverted back to 47 with the help of abstract. I was having text clipping issues that were affecting my current design system. I'm going to wait on 48.1 to see if this gets resolved.

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  • Edoardo MercatiEdoardo Mercati, 12 months ago

    alt image

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  • Jonard TirolJonard Tirol, 11 months ago

    There is now Sketch 48.1 update. https://www.sketchapp.com/updates/

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    • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, 11 months ago

      The new update fix the bug that was breaking anima auto layout plugin. But hey! Seriously, this Sketch 48 update made the app much more fast!

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  • Tom CTom C, 11 months ago

    Color replace dialog. Nice!

    I don't know WTF is wrong with DN that it doesn't allow to embed imgur images...

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  • Shaun Smylski, 11 months ago

    shit! My fingers got an itch and pulled to early. Now my Stacks don't work in symbols.

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  • Ktrn DsrsKtrn Dsrs, 12 months ago

    I am actually really happy about those two enhancement that makes a damn big difference in my workflow ❤️

    • Imported Symbols now remain linked to their Library when copied and pasted between documents

    • Improved the way overrides are displayed for nested Symbols if their values had been overridden

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  • Philip LesterPhilip Lester, 12 months ago

    Anyone else seeing this error when trying to update?

    Update Error

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  • Gavin AnthonyGavin Anthony, 12 months ago

    At this moment, Sketch Runner & Abstract doesn't work with v48. Seems most of my other plugins work, though!

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  • Kyle ConradKyle Conrad, 12 months ago

    Broken for me - when saving files as a Sketch 48 file, then opening them, I lose the "View" menu - meaning I can't see layouts, rulers, any of that.

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  • Julius Cruickshank, 11 months ago

    Autolayout is not working like it did in the previous release. It might be wise to wait a while before you upgrade.

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  • Christian BehrensChristian Behrens, 11 months ago

    Artboard labels running into each other is kinda annyoing.. any chance to switch this off?

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  • Franco Solis, 11 months ago

    "Imported Symbols now remain linked to their Library when copied and pasted between documents"

    Working for anyone???

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  • Hareessh Prabhu, 10 months ago

    Anyone having the Copy-Paste bug?

    Whenever I copy any artboard or any element, it pastes it in another page. It's very annoying!

    Anyone experiencing the same?

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