• barry saundersbarry saunders, 3 years ago

    Genuinely curious how this will succeed where Wikinews failed

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    • KajMagnus _, almost 3 years ago

      I think they will need to focus more on local news. Global news = often depressing and boring and nothing you can do anything about, e.g. because is about a country & region where you don't live. What is anyone going to do about North Korea's nuclear missiles for example.

      Local news = things you can participate in and "do" something with. E.g. going to local events & meeting people. Or, if a new plastics recycling factor has opened — now you can start recycling plastics. Or maybe Kiva (a micro loan organization) is coming to your country — now you can get a 0% interest loan and grow your business. Also, people might be more happy about sharing local news on Facebook. That's what Facebook is for? friends & family & local events & stuff. But how often, in comparison, does anyone share news about a famine one the other side of the planet, or North Korea's missiles, on Facebook? In my Facebook connections' cases, 0 times. But local events & stuff = 9999 times. Maybe Wikitribune can become part of these 9999 local-stuff times.

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