Will Sketch 48 change how you build your system/component library?

4 years ago from , Product Designer @ Match.com

I've been trying to build a system for Match — but I've built my sketch file on this hacky color solution that involves masking a shape to create the color for everything so that you can simply change the base color symbol and change the color everywhere (as well as have you color palette as override options.)

Is the new find & replace color going to be sufficient reason to do away with that method of building your files? It's so tedious and unwieldy, and it doesn't even work for everything (i.e. text) and it seems outright silly to need to turn all of your stroke-icons into masks, forfeiting control over the details of their stroke relative to their size — but does this find and replace color thing really solve the problem?

A limitation I'm seeing already is the override thing. If you don't intend to build a symbol out of a masked "color" symbol, then that means you'll need versions of that symbol in each color you intend to use it so that you have the overrides available. Also the fact that being consistent with colors in Sketch can be... kind of a challenge... so if you get a hex value somewhere that's slightly different there's currently no way to resolve that with the find & replace.