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1 year ago from , Co-Founder / Director of Design at Idol

Just finished my portfolio, which showcases select projects from the past 10 years. Key clients include: Nike, Acura, Toyota, and more.

Would love to receive any comments or feedback.



  • Andu PotoracAndu Potorac, 1 year ago

    Here you go:

    • The purpose of your work is to showcase your skills. While the mosaic gallery looks good visually, it's a pain towards this goal. Do not mix your best projects like this, make them readable. Suggestion: one large photo, title first, OUTSIDE and not on top of the images.

    • Clicking Contact it also opens a tab with mailto:brad@idol.partners. Suggestion: this is your email and the expectation is to be taken to a Contact page with stuff like your social profiles, etc. If you plan to leave only your email than put that in the header so people know it's not a page. Be consistent - Contact is not like the other pages.

    • The down arrow better scroll down on click to the first project. The name better link to your email / Twitter / something.

    • It's not clear if you want to sell yourself or promote the agency. If it's you, it's best you don't sell yourself as part of the agency. If it's the agency, why do this site in the first place?

    Sorry for the harsh feedback, but it's the best form towards actionable results.

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    • Brad Burke, 1 year ago

      No worries man, not harsh at all and I definitely don't take offense.

      You bring up a few valid points, others I don't necessarily agree with, but appreciate your POV. Constructive criticism and feedback like this is more valuable than just saying "Clean!" — so in that regard, thank you.

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