• Elizabeth Hemingway, 1 year ago

    For our live stream this week on Behance we are focusing on UX / UI design, with 4 designers joining to create, share and discuss how they approach their work.

    First the details:

    WHERE: http://behance.net/live

    WHEN: All day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9AM PST, to 5PM PST (archives will be available on the Creative Cloud YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/AdobeCreativeCloud)


    • Travis Neilson: Product interaction designer at Google, who you might know from his weekly DevTips series and tutorials on UX design. He’ll explain the value of design specs and give an introduction to HTML and CSS to help smooth your developer handoff process.

    • Johny Vino: Self-taught UX and product designer; interaction expert. He’s a top ranked designer on UpLabs and is a Behance favorite, well-known for sleek animations and intuitive interaction design.

    • Jessica A. Zhang: Freelance UX designer with a background in graphic design, who specializes in the intersection between design, business, and technology. She designs full interactive user experiences—from mobile apps and websites to car dashboards.

    • Cece Yu: Sr. Product designer at Facebook, who’s worked for corporate companies, small agencies and freelanced. Her specialty is in helping teams build great experiences—from product strategy to pixels. She believes in problem solving to create elegant and honest UX.

    You can view the exact schedule and times at: https://www.behance.net/live/schedule

    We stream every Tue / Wed / Thur on Behance, changing up topics each week. If you have any requests or suggestions for themes, format, topics, guests or anything else, just leave a comment below.

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    • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 1 year ago

      This is a genuine question, and I'm not trying to come across as rude.

      Behance used to be one of the best place to go for design inspiration. Now bots and paid for likes have completely ruined the site. How come Behance isn't doing anything to stop this? Does Adobe not care? Are they just going to buy Dribbble when it gets big enough and the same thing will happen there?

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      • Elizabeth Hemingway, 1 year ago

        Hi Todd,

        We appreciate you sharing this feedback. The Behance team takes action against any accounts that violate the Community Guidelines https://www.behance.net/misc/community. If you see something suspicious that you want to report, please do so here: help.behance.net

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        • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 1 year ago

          Thanks for responding me. I think it's not really my duty to do that though. I mean its your website and its painfully obvious when you see this kind of stuff. Just look at top designs in the UX/UI field:

          this guy is in the top 30 twice:


          and heres another one:


          Honestly it's pretty easy to spot and its pretty clear the team behind behance doesn't really care. I think if you focused on stuff like this as well as stuff like bringing great designers in the community there might actually be good again.

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          • Mike ChambersMike Chambers, 1 year ago


            Thanks. It looks like you are sorting by most appreciated? We will look into those cases. We have code that checks against bot manipulation for that stuff, but its possible we missed something. As is often the case, sometimes popular content builds on itself, or people release multiple projects in a short period time, and you will sometimes see multiple projects from the same user ranked high.

            But again, we will look at the examples you shared.

            Honestly it's pretty easy to spot and its pretty clear the team behind behance doesn't really care.

            The Behance team is incredibly passionate about what they do. You may not agree with how they do it, (or understand how it is done or what is going on), but speaking from personal experience working with the team, they care very much about Behance and the community in general (fwiw, im not on the Behance team).

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            • Todd CantleyTodd Cantley, 1 year ago

              Ok that's fair enough and I probably worded that wrong. I have another question and I'm trying to stress that I'm not trying to be a dick or anything, I'm just genuinely curious. If they care so much about the community why have they not done anything to combat the downfall of quality and the massive increase in spam, bots and fake views/like Behance? I'm only pushing this because I really used to like going on Behance but now it feels rigged and inauthentic.

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