Adobe XD November Update

9 days ago from , Strategic Development Manager for Adobe XD

Hi Everyone,

Just a month after the 1.0 release at Adobe MAX, our latest update is here, incorporating some of the most requested features from the community:

  • Layout Grid: Achieve a consistent, organized design for different size screens and manage the proportion between elements with customizable grids.

  • Design Specs (Beta): Introducing the first look at how XD helps improve the designer to developer handoff process, by automatically generated measurements, colors and character styles. All you need to do is create a link and share it with your developer. As Design Specs evolves, they will also be able to extract assets and CSS directly from this link.

  • JPG Export: Export assets to JPG without needing to use another app.

  • Text enhancements: Switch between Point and Area Text for your copy to flow inside a pre-defined text box, and vice versa. Also, XD will remember your last used text properties when you create a new text object.

For more insights into what’s new, check out our November update post.

We know there's a lot more to be done, but we’d love to hear what you think about this update. Please leave questions, comments, or suggestions below. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Thank you, Demian Borba from the XD Team


  • Jrtorrents Dorman , 7 days ago

    Did XD get text underline “feature” yet? lol

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    • Marek LevákMarek Levák, 7 days ago


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    • , 7 days ago

      Underline is planned to land in our next update. We're taking the time to do it right, not just a line underneath the text. We might sneak the feature tomorrow in our live stream at 3 pm PT on Stay tuned, and thank you for the patience on this.

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    • Mike ChambersMike Chambers, 7 days ago

      Not yet. jrTorrents, text underline is slated for December release.

      (And yes, its taking a long time for something which seems should be pretty simple. We will share some more details on the implementation and issues when we release).

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  • Dan RodneyDan Rodney, 6 days ago
    • JPG Export: Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems the JPEG export is limited to the current size (1x), so it's majorly handicapped until we can export a 2x JPEG (like we can with PNG). While you're at it, please please please let us choose separate qualities for 1x and 2x JPEGs (2x JPEGs should typically be compressed more than 1x). We can do that in Photoshop, so XD should be able to as well.

    • Layout Grid: I've often wondered why all design tools (Sketch, Photoshop, and XD) forget about guides to mark the midpoint between the columns. When working with Bootstrap grids (and others), knowing the midpoint location is essential for designing.

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    • , 6 days ago

      Hello Dan, thanks for the feedback. For JPG Export, we will provide the same export options you see for PNG in an upcoming release. What you see today is an MVP focusing on the base use case. Regarding guides, for now, you can draw a line and lock it. Not the perfect solution, but it's the workaround I'd recommend until we fully support guides. Please keep sending us your feedback, thanks again!

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  • Darius Salehipour, 6 days ago

    +1 on the layout grid.

    I would switch from Sketch to XD once two features get added:

    1. Vertical grid (ie.
    2. Mobile graphic around the interactive prototype (ie. sounds silly but makes a big difference when doing customer development interviews. People instantly get it's a mobile app.

    I was pleasantly surprised when I used XD for the first time. Very close to replacing sketch for me. Keep up the good work!

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    • , 6 days ago

      Hello Darius. Thanks for your message. Have you tried the Square Grid functionality for your artboard? It creates both horizontal and vertical lines in your grid. Regarding the device chrome, we have it in the backlog. Feel free to upvote here in UserVoice. Thanks.

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      • Darius Salehipour, 6 days ago

        Ah thank you, that grid is what I was looking for! I didn't find it when I first used XD.

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        • Demian Borba, 1 day ago

          Awesome. Do you have any suggestions to make it more discoverable? Thanks Darius.

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  • Stuart McCoyStuart McCoy, 7 days ago

    I love the new layout grid. Now all you need to do is allow my artwork to be responsive as well so it moves along with the grid. Maybe even have breakpoints so my columns can adjust as well.

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  • Joe Baker, 6 days ago

    This update is great! - certainly going in the right direction.

    Any word when the two MOST FEATURED requests will be implemented?

    • Fixed elements in scrolling artboards (header, nav bar, etc.)
    • Animate individual elements separately (custom animation transitions / microinteractions)

    I appreciate its no simple task, but some form of update would be nice. I'd much prefer to be using XD for these tasks than jumping ship to Principle.

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    • , 6 days ago

      Hello Joe, thank you for the good words and questions. In 2018, we'll be tackling Scrollable Areas that will allow you to have fixed elements, as well as micro-interactions. In your opinion, what area should be tackled first? It can help us prioritize the execution. Next year will be a great year for XD! Stay tuned and please keep sending your feedback. Thanks for your patience and support.

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      • Joe Baker, 5 days ago

        Thanks for the response!

        I would imagine fixed elements would be less of an undertaking for yourselves and would help many designers like myself demonstrate basic/expected app/web behaviour.

        Still really really want to be animating though!

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        • Demian Borba, 42 minutes ago

          Makes sense, thanks a lot for the feedback. And please let us know if you have more requests or suggestions. Stay in touch.

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  • Renee PRenee P, 4 days ago

    Keep it up! Looking forward to the day I can transition from Photoshop to XD :)

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    • Mike ChambersMike Chambers, 4 days ago

      What features / functionality are holding you back from XD?

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    • Demian Borba, 1 day ago

      Thanks, Renee, have you tried bringing your work from Photoshop to XD using Creative Cloud Libraries? In Photoshop, if you add groups or bitmaps to CC Libraries, you can then open CC Libraries in XD and consume these elements (dragging them from the panel to your design in XD). Then, if you make changes to the linked element in Photoshop, it'll update it in XD. Let us know if that helps you bring your work from Ps to XD, or if you need a different workflow. Looking forward to hearing your feedback.

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