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  • Bernard Halas, over 2 years ago

    Hello Joao,

    now I know how to pronounce your name :)

    Your website is visually pleasant. I like your style (linking the youtube video or the article about Lisbon startups). However I find only a little information about you as a person.

    I see you are taking care of your startup. What exactly it is that you do? What were your past startups about? Perhaps here we could find some common interest.

    Also, what is the purpose of the website? Based on the last paragraph it looks like you are interested in networking. Please reveal a bit more on what you work on, what is your business area that the visitors of your website could create links with their own activities and interests so they will be motivated to contact/meet you.

    Looking in the "My Books" section I'm getting a little confused. It contains a list of books, but the titles look more like chapters of one book to me and that book would be "how to create a successful startup". On top of that, the text under each of these chapters is the same: "Understanding what you will work on for the next decade is a big decision. This book will help you choose the right business for you."

    Only after exploring the "Blog" section I get the idea what do you do. Perhaps that is too late as many people might leave your site by then.

    If you want feedback from more people, you can try https://usability.testing.exchange (disclaimer: I am associated with it).

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