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A Small thing that makes Big changes!

Link&Start  makes your places smarter by allowing you to easily share your Wi-Fi access and information with your guests (friends, family or customers).

When your guests touch your Link&Start device with their smartphones, they are automatically connected with you! At this point, you can start sharing information, photos, videos and more.

How was Link&Start born?

After the visit of foreign friends in Paris, we noticed that they all had the same needs: to have access to the Wi-Fi and in case of if they get lost, my personal information like address and phone number.

On the one hand, younger wanted to watch videos and play games on their smartphones; on the other hand, older wanted to visit the city and take pictures.

To connect their smartphones to the Wi-Fi, some of them had the wrong password or simply didn’t know how to connect. So we had to enter the access on each of their smartphones at that time.

It’s since this observation that we came up with the idea of creating a system that would allow everyone to connect to Wi-Fi autonomously.

Link&Start is born!

Why use it?

Link&Start is more than just a simple device, it allows you also to:

  • save time and offer a whole new Wi-Fi connection experience;
  • enhance the security of your Wi-Fi network because you can now set a complex password without having to worry about entering it;
  • don’t get your password wrong again;
  • share with your friends or family your address, phone number, and your social networks profiles;
  • get in touch and share pictures, videos, and more with people you met (eg. family visiting your city);
  • be notified if a colleague is looking for you at your workplace;

Who are we?

We are AlleZou – a French start-up based in Paris (FRANCE).

We are passionate about anything that changes people’s lives or habits. It’s in this sense that we want to contribute to improving the way people interact with each other.


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