• Kirk Lestelle, 5 years ago

    "A shadow’s spread can be set to a negative value to decrease the size of the object casting the shadow"

    Oooo. Been hoping for this kind of update.

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    • Jonas S, 5 years ago

      I don’t understand. Can you explain when this festure could be useful?

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      • Dylan SmithDylan Smith, 5 years ago

        In CSS, it's possible to set the spread to a negative value. I use this effect most often for adding a subtle shadow below elements like cards that is visible beneath the elements — but not out the sides as the default spread value of 0 would render.

        Example CSS with values for horizontal offset, vertical offset, blur radius, spread radius, and colour:

        box-shadow: 0 4px 4px -2px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2);

        Sketch previously only allowed positive values for the spread. This not only meant that this effect wasn't possible without hacking it with extra elements, but that Sketch files didn't match coded pages and/or the intended design was more difficult to communicate to developers.

        Treehouse has a helpful video about box-shadow spread and you can try it yourself with this generator,

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      • Darren Krape, 5 years ago

        I'm guessing it is so you can do this:

        This is an exaggerated example of what you'd like want to do, but I could see using it for making a stronger appearance of distance between the object casting the shadow and the background.

        Currently, you cannot set spread as negative, so the shadow is the same size or larger than the object casting the shadow, so #1. In image 2, I had to create a second smaller element with a transparent fill to fake the smaller shadow.

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  • Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, 5 years ago

    Thank you Marc Edwards ;)

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  • Kyle PierceKyle Pierce, 5 years ago

    They need to text styles in symbols the same way they made nested symbols. I should be able to use the same text but a different color or weight.

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    • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, 5 years ago

      This needs to be higher! I feel that having to convert text to symbols is so freaking crazy. I wish that could also apply to alignment. I want to have one text style that can be aligned differently! :( Sorry, random rant :)

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  • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 5 years ago

    I’m very glad to see Sketch getting colour management. Here’s some notes and additional info for their help page on the topic: Sketch colour management page notes

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  • Account deleted 5 years ago

    WOW, they probably heard the latest podcast, lol https://www.designernews.co/stories/88828-marc-edwards-eli-schiff-and-mike-rundle-on-design-tools

    good stuff!

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  • Christopher DavisChristopher Davis, 5 years ago

    Also...SYMBOL SCALING! Finally.

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  • Bruce Vang, 5 years ago

    Can't wait to design in P3. Does this mean we need to we start exporting to sRGB and P3? How does the app or appstore know to swap the images?

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    • Marc EdwardsMarc Edwards, 5 years ago

      You’ll likely only want some images to be P3. And yep, both iOS and Android use multiple sets of images when you’re also supporting Display P3.

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      • Jonas S, 5 years ago

        I think I need to dive into color management. Care to point me to your articles?

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  • Miramark DiazMiramark Diaz, 5 years ago

    Looking forward for this!!!

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  • Michal Svoboda, 5 years ago

    Find & replace color is far from how I want to manage the colors globally in my design system / libraries. doh :o/

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  • Mike StevensonMike Stevenson, 5 years ago

    Huge. How stable is using a beta?

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