• Renato de LeãoRenato de Leão, over 5 years ago

    The amount of third party stuff that is required for an efficient sketch workflow is amazing and scary at the same time. (amazing for the extensibility, scary for the dependency on external parties to keep them updated)

    Maybe that's why new design tools keep growing like mushrooms...

    Either way, great sum up. I didn't installed the "Alfred for sketch", but now i can see it's a must.

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    • Sean LesterSean Lester, over 5 years ago

      Well, it's great in the sense that clearly it's reasonably easy for people to develop and distribute solutions to problems with the base software, which then allows the software to evolve... but it is scary in the sense that Sketch hasn't moved nearly quick enough to ensure their software is solving for the way people actually want and need to use it. For example, I think it's crazy the way you have to set up fonts and colors and icons in a design system. It seems like such a hack despite these being the essential core of a system, and it's serious labor. This is something that should be solved already.

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    • Terrell GriffithTerrell Griffith, over 5 years ago

      Even on their landing page, Sketch touts the extensive amount of plugins they have. Would it help or hurt them if they took the most popular / widely-used plugins and made the functionalities baked in?

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  • Duke CavinskiDuke Cavinski, over 5 years ago

    And yet, whenever we encounter crashing or feature issues with Sketch, we're advised to just disable all of these plugins. I've whittled mine down to two (Craft Sync, Abstract) to help diagnose problems and have begun to learn to accept the manual way of doing things or just embrace other tools for those tasks.

    It's that or we as a community need to do a better job at financially supporting independent developers to keep things running smoothly.

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  • Account deleted over 5 years ago

    Meng is a rockstar :)

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