Macbook Pro Suggestions (15 or 13)

over 1 year ago from , Designer

Hey designers!

I recently bought a macbook pro 15 (2017) with the latest spec on Amazon. The laptop had a price cut with a whopping 400£. After a month I noticed why it was low priced. The laptop had a yellow tint on it. All the whites were actually yellow and the greens appeared florescent brightness. I just returned the item and hoping to get my refund.

Anyway, now I need a new macbook but I'm in between the models.

I'm a UI/UX designer and working with Sketch, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, principle and illustrator etc. I plan start learning 3d for hobby in the spring. Probably cinema 4D but I have no 3d experience.

Oh, I also play Dota :)

So, like I've said, I'm in between models which are; 13 Inch, 15 inch 2.8 and 15 inch 2.7. Here are my long list of concerns :)

  • Do I still a gfx card for my professional needs in 2017? (In terms of UI UX design, not 3d)
  • Let's assume I need a gfx card, does 450/460 or 550/560 really have a performance difference?
  • Does 0.1 GHz difference really do matter? (There are 2.8 and 2.9 CPU speeds on 15 models with a huge price difference)
  • does quad core (15 inch) and dual core (13 inch) really have a performance difference?
  • Do you think 2016 refub models is a still a good purchase then 2017 models? Is those all kaby lake sky lake buzzwords really worth to listen? It sounds like pretty much marketing to me.

Optional question: do you think it would be a good idea if I play dota2 occasionally on mb13? :)

Looking forward for your answers!

Edit I forgot to mention, the reason I'm considering 13 Inch, because of the portability. I'm tired of carrying 15 inch macbook on my back for years.


  • Luke Bugbee, over 1 year ago

    Designer here who also plays Dota. I have the 15 in 2016 MBP with 16 GB Ram and Radeon Pro 460 4GB. Runs Dota at max graphics fine, but lately it's been crashing and cutting off bluetooth (including mouse) randomly. Pretty sure it's the latest OS Beta but just fyi.

    My only regrets are 1) Getting the touchbar (DO NOT GET THE TOUCHBAR) and 2) Getting the 15 inch (too big and since I do all my designing on external monitor it's really not necessary).

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  • Jake PetersonJake Peterson, over 1 year ago

    I was conflicted about buying a laptop this year and even considered Windows. I think the Kaby Lake is an improvement over getting an older model, but you do need to get the best you can afford. There is no upgrade path really so make the upfront commitment and think of the cost over the life of the computer and your earnings.

    Quad core and the GPU will matter for 3D, video editing/processing, and video games. Maybe you can run DOTA now but a 13" probably won't run GTA6 or whatever game you want to play in a couple years.

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  • Charles FromentCharles Froment, over 1 year ago

    Hello guy, I used Autodesk Maya on my old MacBook Pro 13. But I think it depends of what you need to do. If it's for a vfx use with a 4K render I think the best MacBook Pro 15 is needed (at the minimum for a professional use). In fact, your graphic card will only help you to have a dynamic viewport, with texture, animation, render etc... The full render will be supported by your processor. A quad core will be the best choice. For c4d, octane render use the graphic card for the rendering (check the document for know more). But by the way, if it's only for a personal use, you have a lot of manner to optimise your workflow. Don't worry about it. For the ux/ui part, you can use everything you want. At my office we are using a lot of old MacBook Pro and everything is ok. You don't need to have a huge MacBook Pro. For example, if your sketch export took 2 secondes on a 13 inch. And if the marketing team say "the 15 inch is 50% more powerful than the 13inch buy it!!!!". You will gain 2 secondes on your render. In fact, take one you like. I hope I have answered a part of your questions. :)

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