• Gus MartinGus Martin, almost 2 years ago

    This week AdobeLive is featuring leading UX Designers & their work. Join us as they design & prototype apps using Adobe XD; chat & get your questions answered. The live stream will run Tuesday – Thursday, 9am – 5pm Pacific on https://adobe.ly/2y0Zfk1

    Let us know in the comments if you would like to see a specific UX Designer featured in an upcoming episode of AdobeLive.

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  • Jennifer NuncioJennifer Nuncio, almost 2 years ago

    A new feature for Behance?

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    • Lucas DebelderLucas Debelder, almost 2 years ago

      Hey nice stream, please check out my work, hope you will like it)

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    • Mike Wheaton, almost 2 years ago

      For a second there I thought Behance had introduced a Twitch competitor. :o

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    • Mike ChambersMike Chambers, almost 2 years ago

      Yes. We just launched this last week at Adobe Max, and will be live streaming all day every Tue / Wed / Thur. Each week has a high level focus. This week is experience design, next week is around branding and packaging / graphic design.

      Format is 4 designers from the community join for 2 hours each day, working on a project, and chatting and answering questions with the community.

      Just post here if you have any requests for topics.

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