What assets do you give your developer for a website?

over 3 years ago from , Lead Designer

Looking for suggestions on how to make communication between the designer and developer as streamlined as possible.

What do you hand off to your developer for web development? Sketch files, photoshop files, prototypes, a pattern library or other? How do you communicate functionality, animation, and interactions?


  • Jonathan BrodheimJonathan Brodheim, 3 years ago

    Depends on the relationship between the designer and developer (i.e. contractor vs in-house). I've worked with both, and the handoffs (read: level of detail) are very different. You can usually get away with less when working with a team member and have a conversation since they should be familiar with how you do things if they aren't new, but with a contractor, more is always better.

    Regardless, I always provide a Sketch file, PNGs of the designs & the different states, a project summary with descriptions of every interaction (these can get quite long, so I try to have sections w/ headings to make it easier to scan, and checklists with clear goals/outcomes), prototypes or examples of similar interactions if necessary, and of course all the assets they need. There are usually questions and changes along the way, but this tends to be enough to communicate the design/project goals, and then once a PR is submitted I will provide feedback or create issues if it won't block the release.

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    • Nic TrentNic Trent, 3 years ago

      Thanks! Great to hear what others are doing. A checklist is something I may need to add. I'd be interested in seeing what one of your project summaries looks like if you're willing to share. I've never created one.

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