• Nikola DurkanNikola Durkan, 6 years ago

    Ebay: "Hey can I copy your homework?"

    Dropbox: "Yeah but don't make it too obvious"

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  • Chris FreesChris Frees, 6 years ago

    Brands are slowly morphing into one lmao.

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  • Vladan Vukmanov, 6 years ago

    Reminds me of Spotify and Dropbox. I guess that's a growing trend now.

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  • Raffaello SanzioRaffaello Sanzio, 6 years ago

    Where's Eli Schiff when you need him?

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  • Ryan -Ryan -, 6 years ago

    I almost feel bad for Ebay. They had this 'new' brand for while now (before the whole Dropbox redesign), but are now getting sidelined/shafted for "copying". Oh well

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  • Aaron D, 6 years ago

    Jesus Christ.

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  • Andrew-David JahchanAndrew-David Jahchan, 6 years ago


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  • A Paul, 6 years ago

    "What if instead of using 2-3 brand colors, we just use ALL the colors?!" - every brand designer these days

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  • David ThornDavid Thorn, 6 years ago

    Unfortunate timing, but ebay has been teasing a lot of this work for at least the past month or longer. Most of the ads and banners on the front page have this design system.

    However, in typical ebay fashion, it still has a mashup of styles and design that change depending on what screen you are looking at. Going into account settings take me back at least a decade.

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    • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 6 years ago

      I have a feeling there is so much legacy code that makes that system untouchable. I don't even bother with their site now and just use their app.

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      • David ThornDavid Thorn, 6 years ago

        Funnily enough I encounter some issues on mobile (although the mobile uploads now work 50% of the time for me), so I straddle between both.

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  • Max Austyn, 6 years ago

    I know that a lot of other brands have been going in this direction but this style seems to fit eBay a lot more than any other brand. I never thought this style of design fit Dropbox, it seems so out of place to me.

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  • Ryan McCullah, 6 years ago

    Unimaginative, millennial template branding. The presentation is stronger than the work.

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    • Gaël PGaël P, 6 years ago

      But maybe that's the point of it. There is a Richard Turley quote somewhere about how using a boring font on Bloomberg Businessweek made the designers work harder on the art direction. Many cool brand new identities fail the test of time because they don't allow for breadth, or because there is no care in the implementation.

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  • Sam MularczykSam Mularczyk, 6 years ago

    This has already been around for a while. We've got full billboards here that've had this style since well before Dropbox rebranded.

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  • Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 6 years ago

    "Designing moments of perfect"... After looking at it, the phrase should be "Hey Millennials! Step up your Insta Game with Ebay"

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  • Jordan RomanoffJordan Romanoff, 6 years ago

    Brand design aside, this site is terrible. So much content, so little hierarchy.

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  • Andrei Nistor, 6 years ago

    Look-alike brand systems have become the next step of similar logo design.

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  • Jimmy OfisiaJimmy Ofisia, 6 years ago

    I ❤ custom ·typeface.

    (sorry Lucas)

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  • Dan S, 6 years ago

    what on earth

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  • Andy LeverenzAndy Leverenz, 6 years ago

    Rainbows and crappy type y'all

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  • Account deleted 6 years ago


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  • Ali Zendaki, 6 years ago

    So they changed the logo to one color? How much did they get paid?

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