• Scott ThomasScott Thomas, 2 years ago

    Well overdue. I am glad they didn't reinvent the wheel. Small changes will help a lot.

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  • Ken Em, 2 years ago

    Nice. Hoping the new GMail UI will be rolled out soon as well.

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  • Yannic NachnameYannic Nachname, 2 years ago

    Did they redesign the invitation e-mail?

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  • Jake PetersonJake Peterson, 2 years ago


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  • Cody IddingsCody Iddings, 2 years ago

    Weird I don't see the button "use new calendar" ?

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  • Andrew Parker, 2 years ago

    Generally like - apart from one or two bits:

    • The "modern" colour scheme is overwhelming on my screen, but the classic colour scheme makes the pop-over card titles difficult to read.
    • Event creation screen is stark and has little improvement over the previous version. Odd navigation too - I wonder why it was decided to give it a modal close button on the left?
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  • Andy StoneAndy Stone, 2 years ago

    This is a welcomed change to the overall system and it looks great. I just with the Create Event page has some hierarchy or titles. I open it up (opening in the top left corner nonetheless) and everything is the same size in various greys. Really strange to see and hard to interpret.

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  • Gio Vas, 2 years ago

    finally! It's crazy how long the old one hadn't been touched

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