$2k for streaming machine. Is it worth the investment? [entrepreneurs]

4 years ago from , Digital Product Designer @FAD

Hei DN. This is my first post here so be cool. Or else. The question is relevant because I want to stream when designing/coding.

So i'm addressing to people who have a background in social media/marketing. Is it worth the investment to gather audience and monetise it afterwards? I already have a YouTube channel with 1.2k subscribers which I've gained pretty quickly, so there is for SURE a demand for educational content. What do you think? Would you watch a dude's stream designing? (planning to get professional gear like cameras, mics, etc)

EDIT: My YT channel link: https://www.youtube.com/c/adrianstefan (didn't want to look like I'm promoting myself)


  • Ismael Branco, 4 years ago

    Sure you can stream, been doing that for some time, and the experience is overwhelming. Really fantastic.

    About the 2k$, you can get it a lot cheaper. My pc cost me about 900$ + monitor 300$, plus camera and mic 100$. And i can run AI, PS, AE, IN at the same time im streaming. Look for a lot of RAM memory card.

    GL with that and you can also put your youtube channel in here for us :)

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    • , 4 years ago

      Thanks for the reply! I've attached the link to the original post.

      Would you mind providing your stream channel link? Have you had some reasonable donations/monetisation so far? Really glad to hear about your positive experience :) motivating me to do so.

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      • Ismael Branco, 4 years ago


        link: https://go.twitch.tv/srvyyyy

        my channel was about gaming too. But i'm thinking about starting a youtube account focused more in graphic design.

        About donations and monetisation, didnt go so well, in the time i was doing it, twitch didnt have "twitch creative" and i had loads of kids watching it. i wasnt focused on my target. i was just doing what i like.

        if you need some more information we can have a chat: ismaelbranco@outlook.pt

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  • Nelson Abalos JrNelson Abalos Jr, 4 years ago

    I stream twice a week for Webflow. Here is my setup:

    I basically compared and researched what streamers on Twitch used.

    You can see the video quality of my stream here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTwdZN8uiic

    Hope this helps :)

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