• Michael FMichael F, almost 4 years ago

    I was never a fan of ServerPilot... We tend to use Laravel Forge which works amazingly well, however, due to the complete lack of deployment script customisation we have decided to build our own... a long, slow process but we're getting there.

    RunCloud actually looks great... I'll probably give it a test run, although the free plan looks pretty useless and will need to pay to make the most of it, understandable, but they should at least move the security functionality to the free plan. As a provider of hosting and servers, I firmly believe it is our responsibility to help make the web a safer more secure place, we issue LetsEncrypt certs as standard.

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    • Jake Peterson, almost 4 years ago

      I agree on the LetsEncrypt point. It's a free service that these companies use as leverage to get paid signups :(

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  • David Ryw, almost 3 years ago

    When it comes to serverpilot, they do not support PHP-FPM, which is a great package for speeding up a website. With RunCloud you can either choose nginx + apache or nginx + phpfpm. You cannot use all three in a single instance. There are other similar services out there where you get more flexbility. For example you can use Cloudways platform for hosting with PHP or Forge. Both are a PaaS and especially designed for developers. Cloudways supports nignx, apache, phpfpm, redis, memcached and more. Whereas with Forge, you can setup your own stack.

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