What day-to-day notes do you keep track of?

over 3 years ago from , Designer at LoungeBuddy

I've been using a "bullet journal" for some time now, but I mostly use it to keep track of to-dos and notes from meetings. One of the main benefits of the bullet journal is supposed to be random things that happen throughout the day — this I'm not so good at keeping up with. I was wondering if others out there keep some kind of log throughout the day, and what kinds of things do you write down/keep track of.

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  • Koos Looijesteijn, 3 years ago

    If i can, I put my tasks separate from my notes. On projects I often have something like Trello for tasks and a wiki to share notes. For personal stuff I use a sketch book that usually contains more notes than sketches. For things I need to remember for longer than a month or two, I use the open source Standard Notes. Unfortunately it doesn’t support images yet, but at least it is open. For personal tasks I use iOS reminders. I have several lists, some shared with my wife. It’s great because Siri works well with reminders.

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