• Jrtorrents Dorman , almost 4 years ago

    how does desining for blockchain differ from other forms of design?

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    • paavo koyapaavo koya, over 3 years ago

      From the event description:

      "designing the architecture of the blockchain system (technical) and designing the security system needed for blockchain platforms."

      is what would separate this from traditional design I imagine..

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      • Jrtorrents Dorman , over 3 years ago

        I work at internal studio for a big multinational it company. I’ve worked on 4 blockchain projects in past 18 months. The studio where I work is currently working on the biggest blockchain project in the world.

        I’m no expert but I think I speak from experience when I say there is nothing like “design for blockchain” because it doesn’t exist!

        Maybe it might exist in the architecture/security side but I don’t know because I’m not a developer. But when it comes to UI/UX design, I’m sure as hell that no such thibg exist in practice.

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        • Arix KingArix King, over 3 years ago

          Unfortunately, I'm not organizing the event so I'm not 100% sure—I mainly posted because I think the blockchain space is a great opportunity and I think getting designers together that are interested is always a good thing.

          When it comes to the topic of what is "Design for Blockchain", I think a lot of it is going to be on the technical side—what's needed to build a blockchain project, what systems are required, etc. When it comes to UI/UX, I'm willing to bet it's going to lean on the side of user experience and more closely the general population's skepticism of blockchain/cryptocurrency and how you accommodate that.

          Hope that answers your question, but the only definite way to find out is to come! :)

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  • Arix King, almost 4 years ago

    Use coupon code: LUMENARY for a nice little discount. Hoping to see some NYC DesignerNews folks there!

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