Thanks for reading my mind, Figma (separate round corners feature)

3 years ago from , UI Designer

I missed that feature - to set separate corner radius. But please, add proper export to CSS when corners are different. There are a lot of features to borrow from Axure I'd like to see in Figma.

A question to community, if you're the one who jumped from Sketch to Figma recently, so what's your reason?

My reason: as the independent UI/UX problem solver I'd like Figma's code export feature. It helps me to establish the connection with developers team of my every client.



  • Badrul Farooqi, almost 3 years ago

    Hey Roman! Thanks for calling this out - we (Figma) just fixed this. Glad to hear that you're enjoying this feature.

    Let us know if you run into any other issues!

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  • Nick MNick M, almost 3 years ago

    I really wish i could make the jump. Im tired of sketch. I work in Enterprise UX and Macs just dont exist in this world, working cross-platform is the dream, but having our IP stored in the cloud is out of the question for governments and clients.

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    • R. KamushkenR. Kamushken, almost 3 years ago

      Oh, so sorry to hear your problem! Come, I'll hug you... What your specific reasons in terms of being tired of Sketch?

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    • Zach HubbardZach Hubbard, almost 3 years ago

      I'm in the exact same boat. At least our local engineering team has macs, but when working on restricted projects it's so limiting.

      If we could host Figma on our own servers that would be great.

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    • Bruce Vang, almost 3 years ago

      That's a shame. Figma is the closest thing to Sketch on Windows. Even more so than Adobe XD.

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    • Thomas Lowry, almost 3 years ago

      Pass that Feedback to the Figma team! The company I work for offers a lot of cloud-based solutions for large enterprises, but some of the products which are used by governments are subject to a lot of strict compliancy/regulatory restrictions about how and where the IP is stored...so we have to offer a lot of on-premise solutions. Probably good for the team there to get a true feel for how any customers (or potential customers) are hindered by that aspect of the product.

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    • Marcel Wichmann Marcel Wichmann , almost 3 years ago

      Same but I can't switch to something that requires me to be always online. Everything else is great but that's the dealbreaker for me, unfortunately.

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  • Nelson TarucNelson Taruc, almost 3 years ago

    Our design team uses Axure and Sketch but I went rogue and made the jump to Figma because I think the future of design is real-time collaboration, not isolation. I have yet to see a reliable implementation of real-time design collaboration via a Sketch plug-in. I suspect it will never happen.

    I'm probably in the minority ... paired design is a workflow most designers that I know don't embrace today – it's more like "don't mess up my Sketch files with your sloppy edits" =). But someday, it'll be a reality once the tech catches up.

    If Figma's prototyping could get a little closer to InVision -- with even just basic animated screen navigations plus scrolling and persistent nav -- Figma would become a serious contender. I'd burn Sketch in a heartbeat if that ever happened.

    I really like Framer too (we currently use Flinto), but the lack of collaboration with both is not great for what I really want in a design workflow.

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    • R. Kamushken, almost 3 years ago

      Oohh, glad to see Axure users in here. Have you mentioned the similarity a little but between Axure & Figma? I use this combo often. Axure for interactivity & Figma for UI. Hope one day Figma will enhance prototyping & interactivity features (animation effects, JS events/actions). And will lay it down in clear semantic code export. For me it sounds fantastic but possible...

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      • Nelson TarucNelson Taruc, almost 3 years ago

        Yup, Axure helps with lean interaction prototyping, which we sometimes need for testing to help "visualize" basic transitions and animations, while Sketch/Figma are really limited to visual presentation. I'd love to see Figma offer more of that in the future.

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    • Andrew C, almost 3 years ago

      I have yet to hear an explanation that helps make sense of the paired design idea. It's always "developers do it!" Except code is evergreen and has specs, and decay and lives on through time.

      Design files are transient. After awhile it's in the code — so you can reference it there. I don't understand the concept yet.

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      • Mick NMick N, almost 3 years ago

        Let's see if I can try to explain a use-case then.

        My business partner & I live in separate states. We've been working together for 10+ years so we know each other's strong points and capabilities.

        Being able to use Figma for co-designing means we can springboard stuff off each-other and inspire each-other whilst working and rapidly prototyping. We can also quickly spot and correct inconsistencies or potential issues before they become issues. Doing this while also skyping means we're able to chat about ideas and show our intention, which usually leads to iteration & ideation.

        To be able to do this whilst living 1000km apart is mind blowing. It's revolutionised our work-flow in ways I was not expecting.

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  • Kuldar Kalvik, almost 3 years ago

    It took me almost a full year of back and forth to convert from Photoshop to Sketch and it took me a single day to try out Figma and not want to go back.

    All the usual design tools are exactly as nice as in Sketch but a lot of nice details added. (Resize image and it automatically crops image instead of distorting it).

    Loved that it allowed for me to ditch InVision and have all the prototypes automatically update without having to go through each view and export them.

    Now with the concepts of embedded live designs we’re seriously looking into having an automated internal design guide hosted on a separate domain.

    I’m a fan.

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  • Patryk ZabielskiPatryk Zabielski, almost 3 years ago

    You can do that in Sketch by adding a ";" in between the numbers, for e.g.: 6;8;6;8

    Goes top-left, top-right, bottom-right, bottom-left like in CSS.

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