What are the best courses/workshops on design in the UK?

over 4 years ago from , Design @ Nested.com

I'm looking to sharpen my toolbox and was wondering if anyone here has any recommendations for design courses/workshops in the UK? Would love to see what's out there so don't really have a preference in what they specialise in.

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  • Daniel PapeDaniel Pape, over 4 years ago

    Experience Haus have recently started their UX courses in London, ran by Amit Patel who previously did the UX courses at General Assembly.

    I personally did the 1 week immersive course earlier this year with Amit while he was at General Assembly and can highly recommend it as an incredibly valuable starting point. It can't teach you everything but it gives you a vast overview of the whole UX process and equips you to focus on the parts that are relevant to you. I also found that meeting other designers is hugely valuable and still keep in touch with a few people who were on the course.

    If you want to hear more of my experience feel free to tweet me @danielpape

    Experience Haus website

    General Assembly UX course Website

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