Ask DN: iPhone X or Pixel 2?

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Hey DN,

Its time for me to get a new phone, and I'm trying to decide between staying an apple user, or switch over to the Pixel 2.

Let me give you a little background: I'm a UI designer and front-end dev (even do some commercial phtotography from time to time), and I use my macbook pro for everything. My iPhone 6s plays really nicely with it. I can do things from copy-pasting directly between the devices, to sending images via bluetooth, so switching over my beats from my macbook to my iphone very easily. Another AMAZING thing is iMessage. I practically never text from my phone anymore! As far as work goes, I use it to test all my projects on mobile, along with a crappy $50 old android phone.

However, iOS 11 has been buggy as hell lately, and android's been better than ever, especially when you pair it with a phone designed by Google itself, not a third-party.

I'm really stuck on what to get. Would love any input!

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  • Bobby AndersonBobby Anderson, 4 years ago

    I've had an iPhone 6 since launch day so its over 3 years old now and I'm in a similar situation; I've never had an Android phone however I'm tempted to give it a go because I feel to be at a bit of a disconnect with Apple's devices... not a lot changes and being honest the X didn't give me the wow factor I would've hoped for.

    I am well in Apple's ecosystem as far as movies, music and hardware goes and I look forward to using a lot of their devices in future as I'm also looking into the possibility of buying an Apple Watch for the first time. As far as phones go though the Pixel 2 XL has really grabbed my attention and getting a free Google Home Mini with it makes it even more appealing.

    Being based in the UK we've been paying well over the odds for Apple hardware for years and it's even worse now with Apple doing a 1:1 conversion between the £ and $, I'm a bit sick of my custom being taken for granted so IF I upgrade, I think it's going to be the P2XL for me.

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