• Matthew BlodeMatthew Blode, 9 months ago

    Is Sublime Text still a better editor than VSCode? Both are fantastic but VSCode has some incredibly useful features

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    • Matt RothenbergMatt Rothenberg, 9 months ago

      "Better" is a tricky question to answer.

      IMO, SublimeText is far faster/snappier/smoother than both VSCode and Atom (which comes as no surprise with the latter two being Electron apps).

      It's still a little clunky from a customization standpoint (e.g., what do you mean I can't have two horizontally split panes next to a single vertical pane), and I think Atom + VSCode have better package ecosystems.

      I get tremendous joy out of running $ sublime . from my terminal and seeing the editor pop open instantly. I rage pretty hard when VSCode (occasionally) leaks memory to the point where I can't write any code...



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      • Clay MacTavish, 9 months ago

        I'd like to echo what was said here and add that VSCode is definitely a great option outside being a resource hog but I love Sublime Text. Simple design that gets out of the way and is super snappy.

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      • Dirk HCM van BoxtelDirk HCM van Boxtel, 9 months ago

        Here, you've dropped this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯\

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    • Mick NMick N, 9 months ago

      There's some really nice stuff that VSCode does right out of the box which keeps prodding me to make the switch. But every time I try I realise I don't want to spend a couple hours moving across all my snippets and keybindings I've built in to ST3 over the years.

      This new update is great btw. Loving the new icon too.

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  • Joe TurnerJoe Turner, 9 months ago

    Can someone share the new icon?

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  • Steve OrchoskySteve Orchosky, 9 months ago

    Awesome, but I still prefer Atom

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    • Daniel WinterDaniel Winter, 9 months ago

      clearly you don’t code much then. atom is the slowest editor of the last 40 years.

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      • Ivan VásquezIvan Vásquez, 9 months ago

        Clearly you never used Borland Together to work on Java. That thing WAS the slowest editor I've ever used (though to be fair, it wasn't just an editor).

        In all fairness though, I think some people are too harsh on Atom. I use vim, ST3 and Atom, and I tend to gravitate towards Atom most of the time. On a fast enough machine I don't find it slow at all, it's very convenient and it has a lot of great plugins.

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  • Account deleted 9 months ago

    Not being able to drag and drop files in sidepanel amazes me.

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  • Thibaud Van VreckemThibaud Van Vreckem, 9 months ago

    It's been 2, 3 years since I last used ST (I've been using Atom and VSCode since).

    Yesterday I was working on a 50k line file in atom.Today I opened that same file in ST3 and cried...

    Bottom line: Don't underestimate the performance difference between ST3 and electron based editors, it does make for a fundamentally different coding experience

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  • Emile-Victor PortenartEmile-Victor Portenart, 9 months ago

    Was Sublime Text bought by Samsung? samsung vs sublime

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  • Ayesha Khan, 6 months ago

    There's some extremely decent stuff that VSCode does appropriate out of the case which continues pushing me to do the switch. Yet, every time I attempt I understand I would prefer not to spend two or three hours moving over every one of my pieces and keybindings I've worked in to ST3 throughout the years. Alka

    This new refresh is incredible btw. Adoring the new symbol as well.

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