• Mick NMick N, 6 days ago

    Interesting tool. However the inputs are unusable on Firefox (tested on FF Dev and FF Nightly 57)

    See here: https://imgur.com/egpjM61

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  • Brett BergeronBrett Bergeron, 5 days ago

    Very nice work.

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  • Kevin YunKevin Yun, 21 hours ago

    Awesome, definitely bookmarked for future use.

    The Size 0-3 was confusing at first and then I realized they were h1-h3(?) but backwords.

    Also seems like a SCSS/LESS export feature would be great.

    Just some thoughts -- nice work! :)

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    • , 1 hour ago

      Thanks Kevin. The smallest size is called '0' because it is the body size, so bigger font sizes have a bigger number.

      Code export could be nice.

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