• Austin PaquetteAustin Paquette, over 3 years ago

    Love it when new services come around, but the name just strikes me as a childish rip-off of CodePen.

    100% for a new competitor into the field but the name is just distasteful.

    The boilerplates are a cool idea but I (personally) believe they should all achieve the same goal (timer, increment/decrement buttons or whatever).

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    • Kchan Zen, over 3 years ago

      ah sorry for the name,it was a fun project in the beginning and I do want to change the name later too

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    • Kchan Zen, over 3 years ago

      however I'm really bad at naming things, suggestions about new name would be appreciated

      btw I'll update those boilerplates soon

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  • Shane Cooke, over 3 years ago

    codingslot.com, codeground.io, playboard.io are available, if you are still looking for a new name.

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  • KajMagnus _, over 3 years ago

    I tested it, seems to work :- ) I mean, I opened Chrome Dev Tools, and toggled Offline to on, reloaded the page, and it still works.

    I like it that I can have all relevant columns (JS/CSS/Console/etc) open at once, and that you show a small notification icon in a tab, if something happened there (e.g. the console, if there's new output).

    A new name. What about "offcode"? offline-code. Maybe only a good idea until all other alternatives also start functioning, offline.

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