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Dear community!

It's a question of lifetime. At the moment I'm working on a hugest ecommerce mobile UI kit. Crafted in Figma it's developers' friendly. So they are free to export and grab CSS, iOS, Android code. Fits for all! I'll support it with animations and statements specs like no one before. With code and live GIF's. One handed usage and usability tested. So no more hamburgers at the top!

Will you pay for this product?

A - No

B - $1-20

C - $20-50

D - $50-100

Thanks! Hugs!



  • Daniel PapeDaniel Pape, 10 months ago

    I don't think designers are your target audience for something this polished, I agree with Dominik that you need something more neutral that I would be able to build upon.

    For something this polished I think you should be showing it to entrepreneurs looking for an "out of the box" solution and you'll be able to charge them much more than $100.

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  • Andrew-David JahchanAndrew-David Jahchan, 10 months ago

    [x] A – No

    Looks cool though.

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  • Dominik SchmidtDominik Schmidt, 10 months ago

    [x] A – No

    I would go with a more wireframey style, since not everyone like a predefined color scheme. Also this wouldn't look good in the small screenshots of all the marketplaces imo.

    Go with a greyscale scheme. Perhaps then my No would transform into B - C (if everything awesome, perhaps even D).

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