What do you think about using tags to make comment sections more manageable?

4 years ago from , http://meet-cristian.com

I was recently reading through a series of interviews YC posted where they asked several female engineers (some from Google) what they thought about that memo everyone is talking about. Naturally, this sparked a debate in the comments which at this time is at 1200 comments, some discussing the interview, some discussing google in general, others discussing moderation on YC or writing standards.

I feel this is a problem for any popular sites where popular topics are being discussed - the earliest comments get the most exposure and the most popular among them surface to the top, while the rest get confined to the Nth page.

What do you think about using a tag system to cluster comments and not only make them more manageable, but also make it easier for people who want to contribute to a certain conversation to do so. This way, instead of having to scroll through hundreds or thousands of comments in random/chronological order, a user would be able to focus on clusters related to specific topics or debating a specific point of view.

I'm not going anywhere with this, I'm just curious what other designers think. It is after all our job to figure out ways to improve products.