Smart export of PSD or Sketch to SVG (online)

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my name is Ivan and I am the author of Photopea, a free advanced PSD editor. Many people started to use it to convert Sketch files to PSD, but that is not even 5 % of all things Photopea can do :)

There is a new SVG export now (File - Export - SVG), and it is more than just exporting and outline with a correct fill color.

You can export complex fills, complex strokes, clipping mask, blur etc. Choose to attach the raster content too (as PNGs in Base64, all in the same SVG file). Symbol masters / smart objects will be included "in the right way". Text layers are also included in SVG. In addition, you can convert text to vector shape, or rasterize it too.

I started with a goal to load this SVG into PSD, then export that PSD back into SVG and get the same thing. Go ahead and load Lamborghini, then press File - Export As - SVG and find a difference :) Tell me what you think and help me create the best (automatic) converter of PSD / Sketch to SVG.


P.S. I always hated SVG, but with this tool, I think I am starting to like it.


  • toolpic editor, 6 years ago

    Hey Ivan i love your editor, My editor toolpic editor cannot do the work like opening psd, Is there any way you can implement this in my photoshop editor http://www.toolpic.com

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  • Ali Zendaki, 6 years ago

    this reminds me of fireworks (my old baby) so this pulls on my heartstrings a bit

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  • Stephen Weir, 6 years ago

    Sounds really good but just being honest here Photopea looks horrible its like photoshop 6 or somehing put me off right away...

    Secondly where are your docs, tutorials? any offline support for the app?

    I really like what your doing here, seems like it has potential but maybe need some direction?

    On a personal note would there be anyway to take the code behind Photopea and build a fully automated solution something i can just drop a PSD file on and it auto exports all assets to a folder?

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    • Ivan Kutskir, 6 years ago

      Hi Stephen, what do you mean by Photoshop 6? If you mean the gray color instead of black, you can switch it in More - Themes - Black.

      There are lessons at Photopea.com/learn. The app needs inernet to be loaded, but then it works completely in a browser. You can keep it always open in a browser and use it when you are offline. This way we can avoid a complex downloading / installing / upgrading process and make it work everywhere (even on phones).

      I can not provide the code of Photopea to you, but I think I can add the auto-export of assets (like PSD to ZIP). Depending on what assets do you mean and in which form you want to have them (raster images, vector images, HTML, CSS ...).

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