• Nathan LandsNathan Lands, 10 months ago

    Hey DN, I'm the co-founder of Binded. We created Binded for designers, photographers and artists. Feedback on the product is greatly appreciated! :)

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    • Brandon ZellBrandon Zell, 10 months ago

      Very cool idea, and hopefully incredibly useful for photographers looking to copyright their photos.

      Two quick notes:

      1. The DN link goes to the copyright page (which is great), but your homepage doesn't appear to link there. You should have a button under the "How it works" section that leads to the copyright page.

      2. When you said you don't make any money from the registration I immediately because suspicious because obviously you need to make money somehow... typically. I ended up finding your answer to that question on the FAQ page, but it might not hurt to add a little "How are we funded?" to quickly direct people with the same question I had.

      Nice site, great idea. Hope things work out well!

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