• Jon MyersJon Myers, 10 months ago

    You got my (two) click(s) with the title, however, I was a bit miffed upon reading.

    The sub headlines had my interest and had the potential to frame the future. Yet, the actual content didn’t contain any real evidence to back up the opinions and assertions.

    For example, some statistics to back up opinions on Voice and create contrast, which is ripe for the pickens.

    This is what Scott Galloway does to back up his opinions and claims, in this case, for Alexa: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAyVVhLVF4Q

    Personally, I think many are too bullish on Voice, including Galloway - and have my doubts. Especially in e-commerce (Amazon) where the user can easily be fooled into opting for less than ideal scenarios hiding under the opacity of Voice. Further, due to the cognitive processes activated when making purchases, for instance, scanning reviews. This may make sense for commodity oriented recorders, but not "everything" and may not be the CPG brand destroyer that Galloway claims.

    However, in order to write about it - I need evidence and clearly articulated scenarios to present that from a designer and entrepreneur’s point of view.

    I too believe that AI will eventually have a significant impact, especially in interface design, particularly in the creation of AR, VR and Mixed Reality interactions that unlock the holy grail of patterns, which the iPhone unlocked with touch.

    Related to AI, in The Grid example - that’s a very controversial (seemingly dead) project whereby many argue it was a con job that has gone silent years ago. And is thus (IMO) an irrelevant connection for now.

    Some evidence - and practical examples, in addition to various examples of problem spaces and use cases that the assertions address in design would be useful.

    More practically, I was hoping for more actionable information based on the title, which I could pass on to aspiring designers.

    My apologies if that all seems a bit negative, there are some good seeds there and I felt a bit duped. I suspect many others may feel that way reading such a piece, and thus, I’m just trying to provide constructive feedback and be helpful.

    Clearly, you have a lot of experience and a lot to share, please keep writing.

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    • Ana Oliveira, 10 months ago

      Thank you for the feedback. The article is mainly a forecasting exercise with personal thoughts around it. I like to share my insights and get other point of views. That was the trigger of the article. I also wanted to keep it short and just raise some discussion... and with your feedback I think part of it was achieved (at least the discussion part).

      I understand that the title can be promising a little bit more, but it's still the focus of that essay and what I had in mind when I was writing. I appreciate however your very valid input, and will have that in mind for future writings.

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      • Jon MyersJon Myers, 10 months ago

        Hey Ana, thank you for the kind reply.

        I can appreciate your intentions and thanks for elaborating and listening.

        Take care.

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