What devices do you design with?

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I've been working on a 15" Late 2013 Macbook Pro for the past few years, and have been thinking about an upgrading. I'm wondering how serviceable it would be to use a Macbook or 13" Macbook Pro for mostly Sketch and Principle use. I don't plan on going nuts rending massive things in Photoshop or After Effects, and I'm really hesitant to upgrade to a 15" Macbook Pro with a touch bar.

What do you use? What do you use it for? Would you recommend it?


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    Home: 2010 iMac (i7) w/12GB RAM.

    Work: 2012 MacBook Pro (i7) w/8GB RAM

    You will be absolutely fine. For a couple of years I even used a Macbook Air w/ an external Cinema Display. It's amazing how often people think they NEED a super high-spec machine, when they don't. To be fair, there are people who need all that horsepower... but if people are just designing and Sketch or PS... it's crazy how overboard you can get.

    This is why the new iMac Pro will sell like hotcakes... half the people buying them will be doing it for the "Pro" in the name... even though a current i7/580 combo already would far surpass their needs.

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    • Mark JohnsonMark Johnson, over 1 year ago

      Thanks for the input :) I ended up getting a 13" MacBook Pro. I'll let you know how it handles once it arrives.

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