What's the best way to gather client requirements?

almost 5 years ago from , Founder, UIDB.io & LetsCommence.com

Hi DN,

I've always struggled with meeting a client's initial expectations with regards to delivering logos/concepts. Though the more experienced I become, the better it gets. It's harder with remote clients/freelancers than when I'm able to meet in person. Often I'm a middle-man who communicates between client and designer.

I've found that being more diligent prior to putting pen to paper usually makes the output higher quality for the client (obviously). This will entail asking more questions, finding out more of the business context, and so on.

Does anyone here use questionnaires to get projects kicked off? What does yours look like?

I've built mine into a bit of a service (https://www.letscommence.com/), but usage is generally pretty low at the moment (not many questionnaires being created after the first one). I'm really struggling to find out why this is.

Wondering if anyone could:

  • share their views on gathering requirements and the use of questionnaires prior to kicking off
  • critique my questionnaire SaaS: https://www.letscommence.com/

Thanks, Joe