Ask DN: Best links to learn illustration?

12 months ago from , Product Designer

I've been a huge fan of Adrian Fernandez's work recently and would love to learn more about how certain type of illustrations have been done, especially when it comes to creating atmosphere. What are resources you can recommend to get started?


  • Alan Power, 12 months ago

    Just practice, practice, practice, practice....

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  • Al M, 12 months ago

    I really enjoy Frannerd. Her stuff isn't so much digital but she has some really good videos about process, inspiration etc.

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  • Hassan Gul, 12 months ago

    His work is not like Adrian but I think will be helpful to learn illustration!

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  • Annie Wilson, 12 months ago

    I think copywork is a really valuable learning tool. Smashing magazine did a great article on copywork a few months ago for UI design, but the same can be applied to illustration. The idea is to replicate a piece of design or art that you like, not so you can rip off someones style but just as a learning tool to see how other illustrators use colour, space, composition etc.

    In terms of mastering the tools, I used design.tuts free tutorials a lot when I was starting out, and skillshare looks pretty great too. Also going to illustration workshops IRL, I'm not sure where you are located but I often go to illustration workshops in Sydney at Workshop.

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  • Graydon SpeaceGraydon Speace, 12 months ago

    skillshare probably

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  • Josh Sanders, 12 months ago

    there's a wealth of material regarding certain topics like color theory, lighting, composition etc all over the internet..a simple google search would suffice im sure. However, no amount of tutorials/ links will 'teach' you illustration. Any time I see a question of this nature on here, i usually share this proverb one of my old typography teachers used to repeat like a broken record:

    the skills to do come from doing

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