Ask DN: Your Workspace

7 years ago from , Eng Manager @ Google

Here's mine:

1- http://manik.io/0X410i3z0c3k 2- (Above) http://manik.io/0z3Z470T2l0t 3- Closeup: http://manik.io/1j2t130i2147

Breakdown: - Old Family desk, nothing special. Has a good amount fo space - 15" rMBP - 2 Thunderbolt Displays - Stacks of books, A Book Apart and Offscreen Magazine, to raise monitors to a better height - iPad Mini & Bamboo Stylus (Absolutely Love sketching in FiftyThree's Paper app) - Field Notes - Behance Action Method notebook - Field Notes Space Pen (perfect pen to carry in your pocket)

  • 2 Old ikea desk lamps and a fan under the desk connected to a WeMo switch

  • Drobo, hidden, for local storage and backups

I have 2 posters above my desk:

1 is 'Do What You Love, Love What You Do' print from Ugmonk: http://manik.io/3J1r3A2S2d2j

2nd is a More Jobs for Veterans poster made by a friend on the design team during the Obama Campaign. As a gift, the design director, Josh Higgins, got it signed by POTUS and gave it to me. Easily one of my favorite gifts of all time.