What tools do you use for prototyping and remote user testing?

over 3 years ago from , Senior Freelance Designer

I am 100% remote making a SaaS product for users with a wide range of tech skill: mostly moderately skilled (think someone in their 20s-30s who doesn't work in tech) all the way down to very low skilled (think your mom or dad... who also don't work in tech).

Sometimes even sharing screens can been a challenge (have tried Google Hangouts, Uberconference, Zoom). I'm up for trying both live tools (where I am conducting the interview in real time) or recording tools (UserTesting, Loop11, Userfeel, etc.)

We test mocks before they are developed, usually in InVision, with which I'm not entirely satisfied. I'd like a tool that imitates a more realistic experience or even a tool which will help me produce a live coded version.

So, what is your process for prototyping and user testing?

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  • Doug HardesterDoug Hardester, over 3 years ago

    Sounds to me like you need to split things out. Use basic tools like Moqups and, Invision for testing basic interactions. When you're happy with how things are going then move to something like Framer where you can create more precise/end-ready interactions.

    Trying to do all of that at once is just asking for an unattainable goal IMHO.

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