• Mattan IngramMattan Ingram, 6 years ago

    So I'm basically waiting until there is an unholy combination between Framer and Figma.

    Some sort of Frigma.

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  • Pablo StanleyPablo Stanley, 6 years ago

    You guys make the coolest videos.

    They get me excited to prototype stuff with moving gradients and animated text, even if my design wasn't originally planned to have moving gradients or animated text. Makes me wonder how much is my output affected by the tools I use. I want to think this influence is a good thing, though, because it pushes me to think differently, takes me out of my comfort zone.

    Anyway... I'm rambling. Love your videos and every update you release. Keep on rocking!

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  • , 6 years ago

    Hi all!

    Today we’re happy to introduce Dynamic Type, a powerful new feature that allows you to go beyond just adding and customizing TextLayer properties. Update text dynamically, create style templates, animate values in real time, and power your designs with real data. More on the feature and its possibilities here —


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    • Tim Kjær LangeTim Kjær Lange, 6 years ago

      You kinda buried the lead here:

      Text layers in Design is now available as TextLayers in Code!

      Text layers in Design is now available as TextLayers in Code.

      Keep up the good work!

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  • Roland IllésRoland Illés, 6 years ago

    Does this somehow work if I want to import from Sketch, or do I have to redo the whole design in Framer?

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    • Koen Bok, 6 years ago

      The reason why we built a layout editor in Framer is so that we can exactly do stuff like this. It would be really hard to build on top of Sketch / Figma.

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