What would you do if Google SERPS just disappeared?

2 years ago from , Marketing Specialist at Ultratec Special Effects

Some of us are old enough to remember the internet before Google even existed. Back in the very old days, we were more open to exchanging links because that was one of the very few ways to build traffic. Imagine if the Google serps just disappeared overnight. How would your business respond?

Why am I asking this? It is a good learning exercise to brainstorm the different traffic sources that are now available. Sometimes we are too focused on Google drama that we overlook profitable alternatives. It is also smart to become less dependent on Google, not to mention making yourself more popular online can make Google jealous and result in better Google traffic.

So if the Google serps, magically disappeared how would your business respond?

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  • Marcel van Werkhoven, 2 years ago

    All I'm hearing is 'LinkedIn', 'LinkedIn', 'LinkedIn'. But I have a feeling that people who focus on LinkedIn focus on people and clients using LInkedIn as well and leaving everyone not using LinkedIn as much (actually most businesses), behind.

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