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    V1.1 Update – You can now split columns with a "|" character. See the readme for details.

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  • Jonas S, over 5 years ago

    I would love to see this idea in Sketch.

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    • , over 5 years ago

      That's interesting. How do you see it working? We might be able to put some dev effort into it.

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      • Suganth SSuganth S, over 5 years ago

        I have a dumb implementation in my mind but hear me out.

        • I will first design a recipe screen (could be signup, profile and any other screen)
        • I open the plugin and define the constraints with UX scenarios

        Users, Visibility, Layout sizes, Favourite mechanism

        • The plugin will show me the preview of necessary artboards to create and I should be able to remove them if I feel it’s not necessary. Create art boards with that names of the possibilities. _ E.g: Recipe details: Subscriber/ Large/Private/Favourited_

        Edit: Grammar + articulation

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      • Trev MorrisTrev Morris, over 5 years ago

        This is definitely something we could use, M. Would be interesting to implement directly into Sketch.

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  • , over 5 years ago

    There's also a slightly more in-depth write-up

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