LetsCommence.com - better logo design questionnaires [SaaS]

almost 5 years ago from , Founder, UIDB.io & LetsCommence.com

Hey DN,

Today I'm announcing the beta of my new project, LetsCommence.com. Lets Commence is a simple SaaS for designers to send logo design questionnaires to their clients.

The best way as a designer to create value is to truly understand the business context. Let's Commence helps you do that by asking and automating relevant questions at the beginning of a project - the most important time.

For designers, it helps ensure that initial design concepts are immediately in the right direction and what your client is looking for. No more "I don't like any of them but I don't know why" responses (that are super frustrating!). It helps to reduce your project length and prevents unnecessary rework, making you more profitable and more likely to be recommended.

I built this out because I’ve seen from freelance, agency, and in-house that creative briefs are generally very poor. Poor briefs of course result in rework, stretched relationships, and ultimately less profit for the creative. For the client, whether they’re an in-house product team or a one-man-band business owner looking for a logo, it’s equally frustrating to not be ‘understood’ by your initial brief. I’ve been burned by this so many times on all sides, so it’s a problem that I believe in and will do anything to fix :-)

My long-term vision is for this service to improve any type of creative brief. For instance, changes to a specific part of a web page, entire new websites, marketing materials, AB tests, micro-sites for marketing campaigns, UI projects, and so on. For the time being it will only modestly focus on logo questionnaires, so that I can fine-tune the platform and learn from and learn from this smaller market first.

I’ve written a little bit about the context and everything that’s led up to today here: https://www.letscommence.com/beta

I fully acknowledge that this product isn't for everyone... but that is absolutely intentional. I know that large agencies pride themselves on having a personal touch, and good communication, and that's fine (good even). Right now I see LetsCommence as being super useful for smaller design agencies and freelancers who perhaps work remotely quite often, and who specialise in logo design gigs possibly on the lower-medium budget clients.

Would love to hear your feedback, comments, suggestions, and criticism... :-)

Thanks, Joe